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Eco-Journal Reviews Water Canada

Posted on June 14, 2012
Written by Kerry Freek

Every now and then, we like to toot our own horn. The Summer 2012 issue of the Manitoba Eco-Network‘s Eco-Journal features a pretty swell review of Water Canada in its “Periodical Profile” section. A few choice excerpts:

  • “Water Canada is a smart read for policy-makers, NGOs focused on water issues, and knowledgeable citizens.”
  • On “Don’t Drink the Water” (March/April 2012): “…the piece elucidates both the history and current state of the on-the-ground water challenges the community faces—just the kind of analysis that can see good magazine journalism lift the reader beyond the surface-skimming daily-news doldrums.”

Thanks to editor Joel Trenamen for the kind words. For a PDF of the whole review (and access to the entire newsletter), follow this link.

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