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OOWA Joins Statement on Flushable Products

Posted on April 19, 2017

The Ontario Onsite Water Association is the latest group to lend its support to the Municipal Enforcement Sewer Use Group’s (MESUG) Wastewater Industry Statement on Flushable/Non-flushable Products.

The wide-spread and growing use of what are labelled by producers as ‘flushable’ products is creating a significant financial and maintenance burden on municipal wastewater treatments systems.  These are wipes that do not break down and eventually clog pumps and interfere with the proper treatment processes of wastewater.

OOWA’s residual hauler members are highly familiar with these products and the harmful and costly affects they have on their equipment.  In light of our support of their statement, MESUG has included language that now specifically mentions the onsite and decentralized industry.

In July 2016, Water Canada published a feature on the efforts to create an international standard for products that are truly flushable.

See the other organizations supporting MESUG and read the Canadian Statement. (PDF)

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