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Wastewater Treatment Video Connects Community to Water

Posted on January 25, 2017
Written by Todd Westcott

The Regional District of Central Okanagan has released a video detailing its wastewater treatment process at its biological nutrient removal (BNR) wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).

The plant treats water for four communities: City of West Kelowna, the District of Peachland, and Westbank First Nation Reserves #9 and #10.

“The video was created in an attempt to bring awareness of the Westside Regional Wastewater facility. We hoped to target not only the public through our various social media sites but also our stakeholders…” said Mike Wyman AScT, supervisor of Utility Services for Central Okanagan Regional District to Water Canada. “Being a Regional facility we have three stakeholder[s] involved as mentioned in the video, so it was also a opportunity to showcase the facility for these people. Our main goal was to bring awareness, but also identify and help people understand the quality of the facility and the process the Regional District has provided and continues to operate.”

Originally opened in 1989, the plant was designed for a population of 7,000 people and a capacity of about 2,800 cubic metres of wastewater per day. Since 1989, the plant has undergone three major upgrades, most recently in 2012. Today, the plant provides treatment for approximately 42,000 people with a capacity of 16,800 cubic metres of water per day.

In 2012, the Region also updated its westside sewer system bylaws, including the modification of its user fees for the system. The bylaw breaks service fees into three for its different communities based on wastewater flows and to recover costs and contributions to capital and reserves.

The wastewater treatment plant runs wastewater through a control and monitoring flume. Before primary clarification, the wastewater is screened and de-gritted. The second process is an internationally recognized and called the Westbank Process and based on the 3-Stage Bardenpho with provisions for a Return Activated Sludge denitrification upstream of the anaerobic zone. Each bioreactor in the system feeds a dedicated secondary clarifier. Tertiary treatment is via filtration and U.V. disinfection before the treated water is discharged to Okanagan Lake. Dewatered sludge captured during primary and secondary treatment is taken off site for disposal.

The Regional District of Central Okanagan can be found online at

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