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Todd Westcott

Wastewater Exempt from Canadian Carbon Pricing Scheme

May 23, 2017 - 1:02 pm

On May 18th, the Government of Canada has released a technical paper on pricing carbon pollution. The report noted that wastewater operations will be exempt from output-based pricing system for industrial facilities emitting more than 50 kilotonnes of CO2 per year, once it is in place sometime after...

Tags: cap and trade, carbon, wastewater

Ont. Receives Over $93M for Water Infrastructure

May 23, 2017 - 12:01 pm

The Government of Canada has announced several water infrastructure projects across Ontario, totaling more than $93 million in federal investment. Funding includes $2.6 million for modifications and improvements to the Peterborough Waste Water Treatment Plant, $22 million for water and wastewater...

Tags: Brampton, daryl bennett, drinking, frank dale, infra, LID, Mississauga, resilience, Roger Anderson, stormwater, waste

Town of Comox and Region Agree to Sewage Settlement

May 19, 2017 - 10:16 am

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) Sewage Commission has agreed to the terms of a meditated settlement in a dispute about the metering and cost apportionment of the regional sewer service from 2004 to 2015. The agreement was reached on May 5, 2017 and includes payments to the Town of Comox...

Tags: asset, dispute, governance, management, resolution, wastewater

Data Tool Visualizes Water Technology Trends

May 18, 2017 - 1:30 pm

A new data visualization tool has been developed to create interactive engagement with technology trends in the water sector. Developed under the Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) – a joint initiative between the Water Environment Federation and the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation...

Tags: analysis, data, deslination, digital, drinking water, stromwater, tech, wastewater, water reuse

Fertilizer Canada Sustainability Report Targets Nutrient Management

May 18, 2017 - 12:33 pm

Fertilizer Canada has released 4R Nutrient Stewardship Sustainability Report, which details guidelines for nutrient management and water quality. The association represents the fertilizer industry: manufacturers, wholesale and retail distributors of nitrogen, phosphate, potash and sulphur fertilizers...

Tags: agri, agri water, agriclture, agriculture runoff, loading, N, P, runoff

27 Canadian Beaches Receive High Water Quality Standard

May 18, 2017 - 11:39 am

A record number of Canadian beaches and marinas will fly a Blue Flag, identifying them a prestigious designation of water quality. As Canadians celebrate Canada's 150th birthday this summer, they will also be able to visit more clean and eco-friendly beaches and marinas. This year, a record twenty-seven...

Tags: drink, fish, recreation, swim

$5.5M from Environmental Damages Fund for Projects

May 18, 2017 - 10:33 am

The Government of Canada has announced $5.5 million in funding for environmental projects will be available under the Environmental Damages Fund. Past funding has been used to preserve, restore, and research Canadian watercourses. Through the Environmental Damages Fund, the Government of Canada is...

Tags: conservation, defence, defense, habitat, protection, riparian, watercourse, waterway

UPDATED: Toronto's Dedicated Stormwater Fee Delayed

May 17, 2017 - 3:18 pm

Toronto has delayed its decision to implement a dedicated stormwater fee, due to cost concerns and the ultimate transparency for rate payers, among others. When Toronto's Executive Committee—a group that makes recommendations on Council's strategic policy and priorities and financial planning, among...

Tags: storm water, stormwater, tax, usage fee

Ont.'s Largest Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System Not Feasible

May 17, 2017 - 11:34 am

In a report to the Town of Erin, Ontario, Gary Scott of Ainley Group, Consulting Engineers and Planners, has found that an subsurface wastewater disposal system for the communities of Erin and Hillsburgh would not be expedient. Were the project brought to fruition, it would be the largest subsurface...

Tags: discharge, effluent, LSSDS, MOECC, treatment, wastewater

Sask. Creates Agricultural Water Management Advisory Boards

May 17, 2017 - 9:23 am

Saskatchewan has moved forward on its agricultural water management strategy. On May 16th, Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency, Scott Moe, announced the creation of two Agricultural Water Management Advisory Boards as Bill 44, The Water Security Agency Amendment Act, passed third reading...

Tags: agri, agri water, management, Sask, SK, water management, watershed

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