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GPS: A Salt Solution?

Posted on November 25, 2009
As winter approaches and the threat of black ice returns, cities once again find themselves facing the age-old question of salt use. Sure, salt is cheap and effective, and it makes roads safer. But the issue isn’t just costs—it’s also chlorine. The large quantity of chlorine in salt poses risks to infrastructure and the environment. Annual runoff and aerial dispersion widens chlorine’s effects; it can seep into groundwater, affecting water quality in drinking wells and in natural waterways and can also harm sensitive vegetation and aquatic [...]

History in the Making

Posted on November 9, 2009
"Without clean, reliable water, we cannot build, we cannot farm, we cannot grow and we cannot prosper," said California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger last Friday, as he signed into law a "historic package to reform and rebuild California’s water system." The editor of our sister magazine, ReNew Canada, published a blog post this morning about California's big news, also commenting on recent news that Winnipeg faces a possible water rate hike in the coming months. On Friday, the city's Water and Waste Department recommended a four cent increase [...]

WEF Launches New Website

Posted on November 2, 2009
The Water Environment Federation (WEF) has just launched its redesigned website. Complete with the new look (and some excellent photography), the site includes a new search feature that allows easier access to water quality information, research and news. The launch completes the second of a two-phase project to increase access to science, engineering and technical practices in the water quality field. In addition to the new look, there's also a new online training section, links to Facebook and Twitter, and an improved version of WEF’s online library [...]

The Yuck Factor

Posted on October 30, 2009
At WEFTEC a few weeks ago, I was invited to attend a Black & Veatch-hosted roundtable discussion with more than a dozen water and wastewater industry leaders, mostly from the United States municipal sector. Professor Robert Glennon, a water law professor at the University of Arizona, opened the roundtable with a presentation about how potable water is becoming increasingly scarce while water demands continue to rise as resources peak. He offered several possible solutions for preventing a water catastrophe in the future, including desalination [...]

China's New Regs: Good for Canadian Cleantech

Posted on October 26, 2009
An article in today's New York Times consults XPV Capital's David Henderson (a regular CWT contributor, click here for "Opportunity Knocks") and Alan McMillan of Omazo Ventures, a technology incubator firm also based in Toronto, and chairman of BX Jishu, a Chinese clean-technology distributor. From the article: The staggering economic growth in China has come at a heavy cost, paid in severe contamination of the country’s air, soil and water. But now the Chinese government is aggressively pursuing more stringent environmental regulation, with a [...]

A Lesson in UV

Posted on September 29, 2009
Written by Linda Gowman
Although many people think that treating water with ultraviolet light is a new idea, the ability of ultraviolet light to disinfect microbes was discovered at the turn of the 20th century. The first installation using ultraviolet (UV) light to disinfect public drinking water was in Marseille, France in 1910. While the science was right, the system was not robust, the technology was not quite advanced enough at the time, and it wasn’t until several decades later that other systems were installed. Today the UV (UVC) light used is more energetic than [...]

“Sheer Folly”: CCS and Groundwater

Posted on September 28, 2009
“Pumping compressed carbon dioxide into an earth pin-pricked with holes in inherently risky,” reads last week’s Globe & Mail article about the new study (pdf) from the Munk Centre at University of Toronto. When I noticed a curious advertisement on the back cover of The Walrus a number of months ago, I considered the same thing. Enbridge had taken out space to advertise its leadership in carbon solutions using a simplified diagram of CO2 molecules going down a pipe and bouncing happily in a saline aquifer containing water that is “unsuitable [...]

Wastewater Strategy Concerns Municipalities

Posted on September 25, 2009
“Some municipalities have been incredibly responsible and placed a real priority on sewer and wastewater treatment,” said Minister John Baird in an interview with ReNew Canada’s Ottawa correspondent, Guy Félio, recently. “Some have let it slip.” Proposed federal wastewater regulations are expected this autumn, but the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) is “deeply concerned” about their impact on taxpayers. Last week, FCM’s president Basil Stewart wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, calling on the government to commit to a national [...]

We've Moved

Posted on September 4, 2009
After a week of moving boxes and waiting for internet connections, Canadian Water Treatment has a new home in downtown Toronto. Please feel free to drop us a line! 218 Adelaide Street West, Third Floor Toronto, Ontario  M5H 1W7 Watch for the latest issue to drop in mid-September. Enjoy the long weekend! [...]

Fighting for Aquifers

Posted on August 25, 2009
“In the farming communities of the Simcoe Lowlands surrounding Elmvale, Ontario, pure spring water emanating from artesian flows is cause for celebration, and a unique opportunity for environmental education,” wrote Dr. William Shotyk last year. “How many people on Earth have the tremendous fortune of water resources of this quality, literally bubbling out of the ground around them?” This past Saturday, CWT took a trip to Elmvale to take part in the second annual Elmvale Water Festival, a community celebration of the area’s pristine [...]
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