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Digging Up Dirt

Posted on April 26, 2009
Written by Earl Morwood

Are geothermal boreholes threatening our aquifers?

While geothermal technology looks like a great alternative to oil, geothermal installations and their effect on groundwater have been a topic of environmental concern for the last two or three years. Why? Thousands of geothermal boreholes are being drilled every year in Canada without to protect aquifers [...]

Constructed Wetlands

Posted on April 13, 2009
Written by Scott Wallace

How cold can you go?

Picture a wetland treatment system. Do you see the man-made equivalent of a natural marsh-open water with some cattails and maybe a few ducks? If you apply a harsh Canadian winter, you might picture this scene as a giant ice cube. But many people are surprised to learn that constructed wetlands are used [...]

Protecting Lake Simcoe

Posted on April 7, 2009

Finding solutions for reducing phosphorus.

Once known as Canada's ice fishing capital, Lake Simcoe is Ontario's largest lake after the Great Lakes, boasting a surface area of approximately 744 square kilometres. But Lake Simcoe can no longer support natural breeding coldwater fish such as trout and whitefish. Every year, approximately 67 tonnes [...]

Interview: Dr. Joe MacInnis

Posted on March 30, 2009

"Water has been my life in a different way than for most people. I have lived inside of it." In 1969, Dr. Joe MacInnis, one of the world's foremost underwater explorers, installed Sublimnos—the first underwater habitat under ice—in Lake Huron at a depth of ten metres. The "underwater classroom" [...]

Interview: Dr. Rob de Loë

Posted on March 12, 2009

Over the past two years, hundreds of boil water advisories have been issued in Ontario alone. Why aren't we providing everyone in Canada with safe drinking water? Dr. Rob de Loë thinks it's an issue of capacity. Dr. de Loë will be speaking as part of Elmvale Foundation's World Water Day celebration [...]

Stock the Shelves

Posted on March 3, 2009
Written by Anoushka Martil, MASc., CEPIT

Despite the recession, all signs point to a high demand for POU/POE devices

According to the United Nations, the current slump in the world's biggest economies will shrink global output by 0.4 per cent in 2009 — the worst in 30 years. The world is in a recession, those who doubt it are in the minority. Yet market data indicates that one market segment of the water industry [...]

Death to Bacteria

Posted on January 28, 2009
Written by Steven Rose

Carbon nanotubes might effectively treat wastewater, but are they dangerous to our health?

In our rush to use new technologies in the improvement of man-made materials or to clean up the environment, sometimes we forget to consider or study possible environmental and health implications. Recent studies and reports have shown this to be the case with certain carbon nanotechnologies and their [...]

Opportunity Knocks

Posted on January 28, 2009
Written by David Henderson

It’s time to invest in the Canadian water technology ecosystem

Water tariffs are on the rise throughout North America and around the world, as we all try to figure out how we're going to meet the unstoppable water needs of global population, ever larger cities and expanding industrial development. A recent report released by Lux Research projects that disruptive [...]


Posted on December 2, 2008

From conspiracy theory to communist plot to health and safety issues – how did fluoride get such a bad rep?

In 1955, a political group called the Keep America Committee issued a flier decrying water fluoridation, naming its practice one of the "Unholy Three," placing it as one of the main pillars of a global communist plot. Since then, other conspiracy theorists have alleged that fluoridation is a plot to [...]

Breaking Ground

Posted on December 2, 2008

Walkerton training centre to move into new $8M facility next year.

After five years, the Walkerton Clean Water Centre (WCWC) will finally have a permanent home in 2009. The centre was founded in 2004 by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment in response to recommendations from the Walkerton Inquiry, and has been operating in two small leased buildings since. The [...]
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