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Groundwater Chemistry Atlas Released

Posted on December 16, 2008
A new atlas is now available online to help people seeking information about the quality of groundwater in any given area. Environment Minister Roland Haché released the New Brunswick Groundwater Chemistry Atlas yesterday. "I am particularly proud to release this document," Haché said. "The Department of Environment has a wealth of information on natural groundwater quality, and we want to be transparent and share this information with New Brunswickers. This will be a valuable resource for individuals looking for information on natural groundwater quality in a particular area of the province." The atlas is comprised of groundwater [...]

CUPE Wants NS to ‘Ditch the Bottle’

Posted on December 12, 2008
A broad-based coalition of organizations in Nova Scotia has come together to convince municipalities and school boards that the sale and provision of bottled water in their facilities is a very 'un-green' and 'un-economical' thing to be doing. To launch the 'Campaign to Turn on the Tap and Ditch the Bottle', the coalition is sending out a package of information to every municipal government in the province this week, outlining their reasons for getting rid of bottled water. "If these municipal leaders are really committed to working on our environmental footprint, they need to start by acknowledging that the public water they provide-and [...]

Wilderness Area Protects Amherst's Water

Posted on December 11, 2008
The Town of Amherst's drinking water supply is now better protected with the designation of watershed lands as a provincial wilderness area. Nine-hundred and seventy hectares of Amherst-owned lands, northeast of the town, make up the new Chignecto Isthmus Wilderness Area in Nova Scotia. "We are pleased to work with one of our municipal partners to protect their water supply and biodiversity, through this collaborative effort," said Mark Parent, N.S. Minister of Environment. The town requested that the province apply the higher level of protection to the lands which are within the municipal water protection area. Department of [...]

Clean Water for Orangedale, N.S.

Posted on October 24, 2008
Sally Chisholm, the chair of the Orangedale Water Society said Wednesday that after years of waiting, the rural Inverness County community in Nova Scotia should have clean water flowing through to household taps by mid-November, reports the Cape Breton Post. "The new treatment plant is being set up, we got it from Atlantic Purification Systems, and they should be finished setting it up by the end of next week," Chisholm said. "Then we have to wait for the power commission inspection and APS to come down and inspect it and turn it on. Most residents travel to Iron Mines, six kilometres away, to fill jugs with untreated spring water [...]

Weekend Water News

Posted on September 2, 2008
Funds A wastewater treatment plant in Cambridge, Ont. is getting a $21-million upgrade: the aim is to "dewater" the sludge held in its digesters. Meanwhile, Victoria, B.C. water pipes are getting a $10-million upgrade. The watermains, installed in 1927, will ensure quality drinking water and improved water pressure for firefighting. Barrie, Ont. is expanding its water and wastewater systems with three major infrastructure projects that include a $108-million surface water treatment plant and low lift pumping station, an $87-million water pollution control plant expansion, and a $23-million expansion of the city's biosolids storage [...]
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