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School Board Seeks Bottled Water Alternatives: Orangeville Citizen

Posted on October 16, 2008
Municipalities aren't the only bodies considering bottled water bans: now schools are in on the action. The Orangeville Citizen reports that the Upper Grand District School Board in Guelph, Ont. has confirmed motions regarding the proposed elimination of plastic water bottle sales in school vending machines and cafeterias. The board's staff was directed to research and develop a report, including viable alternatives to bottled water, on the impact of a ban on sales in all its facilities. The report will also include possible scenarios for implementation and will be provided to the board for final decision making no later than next December. Staff [...]

BIOREM Introduces New Biofiltration Media

Posted on October 16, 2008
BIOREM Inc. announced today a new biofiltration media called XLD, the result of five years of extensive research and development with the support of the National Research Council of Canada through the Industrial Research Assistance Program. XLD is targeted at the removal of odours from the handling of biosolids at municipal wastewater treatment plants. "The global market for odour control in municipal applications is estimated at over $1 billion per year. Over half of this market is currently provided by chemical scrubbers," said Peter Bruijns, president and CEO. Biosolids generate highly odorous sulfur compounds that traditionally [...]

Federal Party Leaders Plans for Great Lakes Protection

Posted on October 10, 2008
The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative (GLSLCI) sent questionnaires to five political parties; four were returned. "Given the national and international importance of the largest source of fresh water in the world, it is essential that the next federal government make a substantial commitment to protecting the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence", said Toronto mayor David Miller. "It is equally important that our federal government works closely with the next federal administration in the United States to modernize our bi-national strategy to protect this shared resource." Here are some response highlights: Liberal Party [...]

$7.7M Contract for Havelock Wastewater Plant Awarded

Posted on October 10, 2008
On Tuesday, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen's council has awarded the contract to build the municipality's new wastewater treatment plant to Brighton-based Peak Engineering and Construction, reports The Community Press. Havelock's new wastewater treatment plant, expected to cost $7.7 million, will be capable of treating 1,200 cubic metres of waste per day - sufficient capacity to handle forecasted development in and around the village until 2036. In addition to opening up further development in the township, the new plant will provide treatment for septage from rural septic systems and eliminate the existing lagoons, which, according [...]

Team Led By SickKids Scientist Develops Water Safety Strategy

Posted on October 8, 2008
The drinking water of Bangladesh, known to be contaminated with toxic agents, can be addressed, according to an international team of volunteer researchers, led by a scientist at The Hospital for Sick Children. Following years of study of the contaminants in the water, the team has developed a practical strategy to ensure its safety. Over the three-year study, eleven scientists from four countries led by Dr. Bibudhendra (Amu) Sarkar, Senior Scientist Emeritus in the Molecular Structure & Function program at SickKids, and professor in biochemistry at the University of Toronto, collected groundwater samples from 67 tubewells in [...]

Make Crumbling Water Infrastructure a Priority: OSWCA

Posted on October 7, 2008
The Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association (OSWCA) is urging MPs and political parties to make the state of water and sewer infrastructure an issue in the federal election campaign. "This past summer, we saw our crumbling sewers cause pollution, resulting in flood damage to homes, businesses and institutions such as hospitals, and putting the health of Ontarians at risk," says Frank Zechner, executive director of the OSWCA. "Ontarians have had enough." "The federal government must invest in critical water and sewer infrastructure as a partner with the municipal and provincial levels," Zechner says. "What we need is [...]

Party Leaders Urged to Sign Great Lakes Pledge

Posted on October 3, 2008
Environmental groups asked the leaders of the federal parties yesterday to put their name to a pledge to make toxic pollution in the Great Lakes region a top priority. The pledge comes in the wake of several actions in the U.S. to address the Great Lakes, including new funds to clean up contaminated sediment and restore habitat and Democratic candidate Barack Obama's plan to commit $5 billion to Great Lakes clean up and establishing a Great Lakes "czar" to oversee action. "The Great Lakes are a defining feature of Canada's landscape, its history, and its future," said Fe de Leon, researcher at the Canadian Environmental Law Association [...]

Region of Peel Lauded for Water Efficiency

Posted on October 3, 2008
The Region of Peel has been awarded a 2008 Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)-CH2M Hill Sustainable Communities Award in the Water category for its Water Efficiency Plan. The plan was developed in response to the growing demand on the Region's water and wastewater treatment systems, and aims to reduce water consumption in Peel by 10 per cent by 2015. To date the Region has developed a number of programs to reduce water consumption, including: Toilet Replacement Program for both residents and business Peel Living Water Efficiency Retrofit Project Spray Valve Replacement Program Industrial, Commercial [...]

25 Cent Solutions: Canadian Springs

Posted on October 2, 2008
Canadian Springs, a Canadian supplier of large format bottled water products, has announced  that it will move to introduce a bottle deposit program for its small format bottled water products. Effective January 1, 2009, all 500-millilitre single-use water bottles will be offered for sale with a fully refundable $0.25 bottle deposit or $6.00 per case of 24 bottles. Canadian Springs will collect and refund the deposits on all empty bottles sold to its commercial and residential customers and will work with its retail clients who wish to participate in the program. "We are trying to lead the bottled water industry to be truly responsible [...]

Sewers in the News

Posted on September 17, 2008
Bigger Sewers Not Better The Lethbridge Herald reports that no major upgrades are being recommended for city sewers after they were overwhelmed by a Canada Day rainstorm. City council, however, is considering whether to help homeowners pay for plumbing upgrades to prevent future sewer back-ups. "Larger pipes aren't always the answer," said Neil Evans, an engineer with the city's water, wastewater and storm water department. Hamilton Limits Phenols in Sewers The Hamilton Spectator reports that four city industries, including the two big steelmakers, will no longer be allowed to exceed bylaw limits for phenolic compounds going into [...]
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