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Great Art for Great Lakes Reaches Out to Artists Across Ontario

Posted on March 16, 2017
Waterlution, in partnership with Greatness - The Great Lakes Project, is looking for one local artist in each of these communities across Ontario—Thunder Bay, Manitoulin Island, Aamjiwnaang (Sarnia), Owen Sound, Kingston, Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton—to help local residents connect and engage with their surrounding Great Lakes. Project lead Christopher McLeod said “Great Art for Great Lakes wants to celebrate the grandeur and importance of the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth. We will fund a local artist to collaboratively create works of art with local residents that honour the Great Lakes, share their stories [...]

Regina, EPCOR to Negotiate Hauled Wastewater Station Transfer

Posted on March 16, 2017
Regina’s city council will consider expanding its wastewater project agreement with EPCOR Water Prairies Inc. to include the operation, maintenance, and infrastructure renewal of their Hauled Wastewater Station. EPCOR already maintains the city’s wastewater treatment plant. The proposal, first brought to council in November 2016, recommends that the city negotiate with EPCOR for service expansion in order to minimize the city’s risk in operating the HWS and allow EPCOR to bundle of asset maintenance and upgrades. As EPCOR and the city already maintain an agreement for operation of Regina’s wastewater treatment plant, both [...]

New Funding for Municipal Climate Change Adaptation, Flooding

Posted on March 16, 2017
The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has made available new funding for municipalities to undertake plans and studies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and adapt to climate change and extreme weather conditions, including for flood resilience and wastewater services. Municipalities have influence over roughly half of Canada's GHG emissions, and they are already modelling some of the most innovative green initiatives in the country. With this new funding, municipal leadership on climate change and resilience will be enhanced for the benefit of Canadians and their communities. Clark Somerville, president of FCM [...]

OMERS & Kuwaiti Consortium Purchase Stake in Thames Water

Posted on March 15, 2017
Borealis Infrastructure, the infrastructure investment manager for OMERS, which is the pension plan for Ontario’s municipal employees, has formed a consortium with a Kuwaiti investment firm to purchase a stake in Britain’s Thames Water. The Canadian and Kuwaiti consortium purchased their stakes in the Thames from Australia’s Macquarie Group, which has held its investment in the Thames for 11 years. OMERS and the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) are purchasing a 26 per cent stake in Kemble Water Holdings, which is the holding company for Thames Water. As Water Canada reported in an October feature on pension fund investment [...]

Charlottetown Upgrades Wastewater Facility to Resource Recovery Model

Posted on March 15, 2017
The City of Charlottetown plans to transition its current wastewater treatment facility, or pollution control plant, to a resource recovery facility that would have long-term financial, environmental, and social benefits for the Greater Charlottetown Area. Project components that are currently being considered include renewable energy production, biosolid drying, and end-use research and greenhouse production. In addition, the City will be looking to partner with facilities in proximity of the current plant to identify opportunities for meeting shared outcomes. The facility would be the first of its kind on PEI. Charlottetown Mayor [...]

B.C.'s Cleantech Sector Worth $1.8 Billion and Growing

Posted on March 14, 2017
A new report released by KPMG and the CEO Alliance shows that British Columbia's cleantech sector is worth $1.8 billion and is among the fastest growing sectors in the province. However, those surveyed in the report suggested that more government support is needed to foster the sector. The report delivered the results of a survey of more than 270 cleantech companies in the province following a similar survey conducted in 2011. Jonathan Rhone, the chair of the B.C. Cleantech CEO Alliance and president of industrial wastewater company Axine, wrote, "Over the past five years, B.C. has emerged as a globally recognized centre of cleantech [...]

Manitoba Launches Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Campaign

Posted on March 14, 2017
The Manitoba government has launched a public awareness campaign called Spot the Stripes and Stop the Spread to encourage water-users to help in the battle against zebra mussels and other aquatic invasive species (AIS), Sustainable Development Minister Cathy Cox. “Taking an active role in preventing the spread of AIS is the focus of a new awareness campaign that will be asking Manitobans to spot the stripes and stop the spread,” Cox said.  “We know that all Manitobans who enjoy activities on the water want to play their part, so we’re calling on them to help us raise awareness and change behaviours.  Zebra mussels are here [...]

Newfoundland to Invest in Municipal Water & Wastewater Infrastructure

Posted on March 14, 2017
As part of Budget 2017, the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador introduced a new three-year municipal infrastructure program and a call for applications from interested communities that will assist drinking water and wastewater infrastructure. One hundred million dollars in provincial funding will be invested in municipal infrastructure over the next three years through the Multi-Year Capital Works—$70 million—and Municipal Capital Works—$30 million—programs. In addition to the funding provided under this program, the provincial government continues to leverage federal funding to maximize infrastructure investment [...]

Wastewater from Urbanization & Energy Driving Valves Market

Posted on March 14, 2017
A market report from Transparency Market Research has indicated that continued global urbanization will drive demand for wastewater treatment applications, specifically in the valves market. The report noted that the global valves market features a highly fragmented and competitive landscape, with none of the top five vendors—Emerson Electric Co., Pentair Plc, Cameron International, Flowserve Corporation, and GE Oil & Gas—capturing more than 5 per cent of the overall market in 2015. Collectively, these companies had a nearly 10 per cent stake in the highly competitive global valves market. In an effort to gain market advantage [...]

Saskatoon to Pursue Hydropower Project with Possible Paddling Feature

Posted on March 13, 2017
The City of Saskatoon is preparing to enter a formal agreement with the Saskatoon Tribal Council for a new hydropower generation project at the Saskatoon Weir. The total estimated cost of the project is $61.5 - 65.2 million, which is expected to be funded by the Saskatoon Tribal Council and private-sector partners, off-set by revenue generated by the power station and funding from other green-energy funding sources. “The Saskatoon Weir is an ideal location for expanding the City’s clean-power generation program to hydropower,” said Kevin Hudson, manager of Sustainable Energy for the City-owned Saskatoon Light & Power [...]
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