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GLV Acquires Dewatering Technology

Posted on April 14, 2009
GLV Inc. has acquired the municipal and industrial wastewater sludge treatment technology developed by Elcotech Technologies, a young company based in Boucherville, Quebec. Conventional mechanical dewatering technologies can only extract the free water (i.e., the water not adsorbed by biosolids), with the result that the water content of the residual material remains high, at 65-85 per cent. Certain thermal processes yield better dewatering rates through water evaporation, but these processes are costly in terms of capital and energy. Elcotech's technology uses electro-osmosis to separate water molecules from biosolids, thereby reducing [...]

PRECO Means $700M for Quebec's Watermains

Posted on April 7, 2009
After a winter of devastating watermain breaks and pipeline bursts, Quebec municipalities must have jumped with joy to learn that the province is investing heavily in water and sewer mains. An announcement yesterday confirmed that the governments of Canada and Quebec will jointly invest $700 million. The federal government will contribute up to $350 million in infrastructure stimulus funding for projects identified under this simple and innovative program. Combined with municipal contributions, over $1 billion will be available for projects that can begin construction over the next two years. Montreal's share alone is $100 million [...]


Posted on March 18, 2009
Day One passed with much talk of the economy and how it's affecting environmental businesses. Not surprisingly, most of the non-technical sessions had a money focus. One delegate asked a panel on the cleantech landscape how to turn investor attitudes from "Hm. This is so cheap right now" to "Wow! This is so cheap right now!" The good news is that our staff is hearing from all attendees that business for those providing environmental services is booming. One consultant says his company is even opening another office to handle the volume of business. XPV Capital's [...]


Posted on March 13, 2009
AMERICANA, the International Environmental Technology Trade Show and Conference, is happening from March 17-19 in Montreal, Quebec. Visit Canadian Water Treatment at Booth #1030! Check out the conference program schedule here. [...]

Shannon to Receive Federal Funding

Posted on February 13, 2009
The community stricken by water contaminated by trichloroethylene (TCE ) -- an odourless, tasteless solvent, proven to cause cancer -- will soon receive funds from the federal government to complete the extension of its municipal network and water supply. Feds committed today to nearly $13.5 million to finish the project in Shannon, Quebec. "The improvement of the drinking water system was a priority for our government," said Josee Verner, minister of intergovernmental affairs. "That is why I have been working closely with the municipality and other key stakeholders to find a solution." The government is working with the province [...]

Quebec Sees Gas Tax Results

Posted on February 9, 2009
Saint-Raphael, Que. will see funds from the Federal Gas Tax Revenues and the province's contribution. The municipality will use the first payment of $190,375 to replace a potable water-line under Highway 281 and St-Pierre Boulevard, proceed with water research, including plans and specifications, the construction and connection of a new well as well as the preparation of a response plan and system inspection. The municipality will receive a total of $487,614 by the end of 2009 for its important infrastructure projects. Also receiving federal and provincial funds is the Parish of Notre-Dame-des-Pins. The Parish will use $204,290 [...]

GENIVAR Acquires WSA and Envirotel

Posted on February 6, 2009
The GENIVAR Income Fund has acquired two consulting engineering firms: Montreal-based WSA Trenchless Consultants Inc. and Sherbrooke-based Envirotel 3000 Inc. WSA specializes in municipal infrastructure, while Envirotel specializes in environmental services. WSA has expertise in trenchless technologies used to install, replace, test and stop leaks in water and wastewater systems. "This technique will enable us to rebuild aging infrastructure using less intrusive methods, thereby reducing the amount of ground-level excavation and minimizing the impact on local residents," said François Perreault, VP, Western Quebec, GENIVAR. WSA [...]

Premier Tech Partners with Croisières AML to Treat Ship Wastewater

Posted on November 5, 2008
Premier Tech has announced that it will partner with Croisières AML in a project for treating wastewater from ships. In May 2007, the federal government issued new Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships and for Dangerous Chemicals. Under these regulations, ships must now comply with much stricter discharge standards. Croisières AML, which provides excursion cruises, investigated possible treatment solutions that could be adapted to the ships' physical constraints, and meet the performance criteria imposed by the new regulations. Croisières AML entered into a partnership agreement with Premier Tech Environment [...]

H2O Innovation Signs $9.4 Million Contract

Posted on October 30, 2008
H2O Innovation Inc., a Canadian company specializing exclusively in water technology, has won a bid launched by Petro-Canada Oil Sands Inc. on behalf of Fort Hills Energy L.P. to build six water filtration units with a combined treatment capacity of 3960 cubic meters per day. Using clean technology, the membrane water filtration units will be installed at the Fort Hills Mine currently being built in northern Alberta. Amounting to $9.4 million, this contract is the biggest in H2O Innovation's history. The contract calls for the first two water filtration units to be delivered in April 2009, the next two in summer 2009, and the last [...]

GLV Grows Business in U.S.

Posted on October 8, 2008
Management of GLV Inc. has announced that in recent weeks, the Water Treatment Group (Eimco Water Technologies) has been awarded several major contracts worth a total of close to $26 million, including approximately $23 million in the municipal market. Eimco Water Technologies will notably supply submerged membrane bioreactors (MBR), including an order worth over $6 million, as well as clarifiers, different aeration and digestion systems and other specialized equipment to several municipalities, primarily in the United States but also in Canada, Europe and Australia. The company has also been awarded various large-sized orders in the [...]

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