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Canadian science sheds light on Lake Winnipeg health

Posted on September 8, 2015
Researchers in Manitoba are using “fingerprinting” technology to determine the source of phosphorous in Lake Winnipeg that is negatively impacting water quality. Nutrients entering Lake Winnipeg, in particular phosphorous, have increased over the past several decades. The nutrients have degraded the Lake’s health, leading to nuisance algae impacting drinking water for more than 23,000 residents, commercial fisheries, and a $110 million recreation and tourism industry. David Lobb, senior research chair of the Watershed Systems Research program at the University of Manitoba and his team are using techniques for applying colour coded [...]

Grande Prairie Gets $6M for Wastewater Project

Posted on August 21, 2015
The County of Grande Prairie in Alberta received $6 million from the New Build Canada Fund for a wastewater infrastructure project earlier this month. The project will serve both the County and City of Grande Prairie, and will also help accommodate growth in Grande Prairie and Clairmont. The $26.3 million project by Aquatera Utilities Inc. includes the construction of a trunk sewer line along 116 street, serving the west side of Grande Prairie, and connecting to the Clairmont wastewater lagoon. The line will then connect both areas to the Aquatera wastewater treatment plant. The city will also benefit from the hamlet’s growth [...]

Study Shows Impact of Irrigation on Alberta’s GDP

Posted on August 21, 2015
A study funded by the Canada-Alberta Growing Froward 2 program and commissioned by the Alberta Irrigation Projects Association (AIPA) revealed that every cubic metre of water delivered for irrigation adds $3 to the province’s gross domestic product (GDP) and $2 to labour income. It also shows that for every dollar of irrigation-related crop, livestock, and food processing sales, total GDP increased by $2.54, and labour income increased by $1.64. The province’s GDP benefits from $3.6 billion each year from irrigation, averaging $2,550 per acre of land irrigated. The Alberta and Canadian governments are beneficiaries of an annual [...]

Manitoba Increases Support for Water Protection

Posted on August 14, 2015
Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Tom Nevakshonoff announced on August 13 that the Manitoba government is increasing local watershed-based organization funding. He added that this would be done to fortify surface water management and help restore the health of Lake Winnipeg. Conservation districts will receive more than $5 million in provincial support, as well as a $150,000 increase in core funding this year. A new program, the Small Water Retention Infrastructure Program, is being introduced in partnership with conservation districts. Because the people of Manitoba love their lakes and beaches, Nevakshonoff said, “As [...]

Parksville, B.C., Plans for $24.3M River-Water Intake

Posted on August 13, 2015
Residents of Parksville and Nanoose in British Columbia will benefit from new drinking water infrastructure thanks to joint funding from the federal and provincial governments through the Small Communities Fund. As part of a joint venture between the City of Parksville and the Regional District of Nanaimo to develop a regional water supply system, the project will involve the construction of a new water intake that will draw water from the Englishman River. The new river water intake will be designed and located to reflect how residents and visitors access and use the river and to protect aquatic habitat while assuring the community [...]

Humboldt, Sask., to Receive $4.4M for Drinking Water

Posted on August 13, 2015
Through joint funding from the governments of Canada and Saskatchewan, Humboldt’s residents will benefit from upgrades to the city’s drinking water infrastructure. The project will construct a new reservoir to increase the City’s drinking water capacity and will invest in important equipment upgrades at the Water Distribution Plant. Project work will be designed to accommodate Humboldt’s growth to 12,000 people as well as provide increased water storage capacity so residents continue to have access to safe drinking water during water supply maintenance activities or unexpected water supply line breaks. “We’re pleased [...]

Sechelt Uses Groundwater Source for Garden Watering

Posted on August 13, 2015
The District of Sechelt in British Columbia is using water from a groundwater source located on its Ebbtide Street property for watering its ornamental hanging baskets and gardens. The water has been tested by a laboratory and exceeds provincial health department standards for this use. A pumping and truck-filling system was devised by staff, repurposing material and supplies that District had on hand. As noted on the watering truck sign, the water does not come from the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) water system. Sechelt, along with the other local governments of the SCRD, is committed to conserving potable water sources [...]

Revelstoke Receives Funding for Drinking Water Project

Posted on August 5, 2015
The southeastern British Columbian City of Revelstoke will benefit from improved drinking water infrastructure through joint funding from the federal and provincial government. Both Canada and B.C. will contribute nearly $1.9 million towards the total estimated project cost of $5,678,031. Revelstoke will be responsible for the remaining costs. “The improvement of drinking water infrastructure in the Big Eddy area of Revelstoke will not only benefit current residents, but future users for years to come,” said MLA for Shuswap Greg Kyllo. “This project is an example of partnership between all three levels of government, working [...]

Delta, B.C., Moves Forward with Stormwater Management Project

Posted on August 5, 2015
The District Municipality of Delta, British Columbia, announced on July 31 that it will move forward with its 12th Avenue Storm Water Management Improvement Project, thanks to $5.4 million in federal and provincial funding through the New Building Canada Fund. The project is a major investment in critical stormwater management infrastructure. The project will include replacing Delta’s 50-year-old pump station at Boundary Bay to enhance drainage for urban and agricultural uses, improve water quality, and provide additional capacity for new development. A new pump station, new storm sewer along Boundary Bay Road, and a stormwater [...]

Vancouver Island Communities Announce Water System Upgrades

Posted on August 5, 2015
The Village of Alert Bay and the Regional District of Nanaimo, both on Vancouver Island, will each receive funding for new water and wastewater infrastructure through the Small Communities Fund. In Alert Bay, a $789,693 project will see approximately 1 kilometre of outdated sewer pipes replaced with modern sewer mains. The project will help reduce the village’s sewer system operating and maintenance costs, which had risen due an increase in pipe collapses, and reduce the handling of excess wastewater volumes resulting from infiltration in the failing systems. “The first two phases of this five-phase project were completed a [...]
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