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Listings related to: Water Quality Data Management

KISTERS North America, Inc.


KISTERS is a global IT company dedicated to developing leading-edge data analytics systems for sustainable management of water, energy and air quality. Leveraging more than 50 years of engineering expertise KISTERS is recognized [...]

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Stephen Elgie (Director of Business Development)
347 Willard Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Canada   M6S 3R3
Telephone: 416-347-9872


Endress+Hauser Canada Ltd


Endress+Hauser is renowned worldwide for its wide range of measuring devices and automation solutions for process industries. As a global provider of complete solutions for industrial measurement technology and automation [...]

Related Categories: Analysis, Analyzers, Buyer’s Guide, Chlorine Testing Equipment, Data Acquisition, Data Analysis & Reporting, Dispensing Equipment, Engineering Services, Field Connection Devices, Flow Measuring Equipment, Hydrometeorology, Instrumentation, Laboratory Services, Manufacturer, Meters, Monitors, Oil/Water Interface Meters, PH Analyzers, Sensing Equipment, Supplier, Water Analysis, Water Level Indicators, Water Meters, Water Quality Data Management

Scott Whitehouse (Marketing Communications Manager)
1075 Sutton Drive
Burlington, Ontario
Canada   L7L 5Z8
Telephone: 905-681-9292 Ext: 4386
Toll Free: 800-668-3199 Ext: 4386
Fax: 905-681-9444

Mobile: 905=630-3816

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