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HOUSE - Skyscraper - Brownie Noms - 9/20/17 - 10/13/17
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The Fixed Network AMR system

In the City of Moncton, a new monitoring system has residents thinking differently about how they use water. Management consultant Peter Drucker said that if you can’t measure something, you can’t manage it. The City of Moncton could add a footnote to that widely traded aphorism, based on its experience implementing a fixed network AMR system. As they’ve learned, the more accurately you measure something, the easier it is to manage. But the decision to install a new system of measurement for water usage wasn’t inspired by any management theories [...]

Proficiency 3L Toilet

For the Proficiency 3L toilet, less really is more. It wasn’t long ago that the low-flow toilet was seen in the same skeptical light as the electric car—it was an environmentally friendly innovation that aspired to do more than it could actually achieve, requiring vast reserves of money and patience. But while an economically viable electric vehicle remains part of an as-yet unrealized future, the same can’t be said about the low-flow toilet. Meet the Proficiency Ultra High Efficiency Toilet, a three-litre (3L) low-flow model designed by Hennessy [...]

Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act

Does Ontario have what it takes to become a global leader in water technology? The world is about to find out. Hot on the heels of the lauded Green Energy Act, Ontario’s new Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act aims to secure a significant role for the province in the estimated US$400-billion global water industry. Why here, and why water? “We live in an increasingly thirsty world. There are billions of people who will need access to clean drinking water, and Ontario has a global reputation for providing it,” says Minister of Environment [...]

Dawson Creek/Shell Canada Water Treatment Project

The City of Dawson Creek and energy and petrochemical company Shell Canada find common ground on an innovative water treatment project. As far as public-private partnerships go, you’d be hard pressed to find a more mutually beneficial arrangement than the one that’s been struck by the northern British Columbia community of Dawson Creek and Shell Canada. The city has been a hotbed of natural gas exploration and extraction in recent years, but that activity has placed a strain on its water resources, consuming up to 20 per cent of the available supply [...]

Alberta WaterPortal

Alberta WaterPortal provides a one-stop shop for the province’s water data. When it comes to water, coordinating knowledge is a challenge—in Alberta alone, there are over 1,000 water-related organizations. Recognizing the need to connect communities, streamline and disseminate information, and add value to the goals of these groups, the team behind Alberta WaterSMART, a not-for-profit society dedicated to the improvement of water management awareness, technologies and practices in Alberta, has partnered with the Bow River Basin Council, IBM, and Tesera [...]

Living Lakes Canada

Living Lakes Canada is the newest member of an international network dedicated to protection, rehabilitation, and restoration. The world’s wetlands are our natural filtration systems, protecting our watersheds from potential contaminants and impurities. Sadly, there is actually very limited ongoing monitoring of wetlands by government agencies, and very little funding for new initiatives. Enter Living Lakes Canada, the newest member of the Living Lakes International Network, headquartered in Germany with the Global Nature Fund. Living Lakes Canada [...]

Enermodal Engineering

Enermodal’s green building mandate begins with its head office. With three Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification ratings (New Construction, Commercial Interiors, and Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance), Enermodal Engineering’s Kitchener, Ontario headquarters sets a standard for environmentally responsible building development. A Grander View, named for its location on the Grand River, was completed in 2009. The building uses 82 per cent less energy than it would if it had been built conventionally. Factor [...]

ENBALA Power Networks

ENBALA’s technology harnesses energy and opens new revenue streams for water plants. It seems impossible, but with its new smart grid development, ENBALA Power Networks is promising municipalities a no-strings-attached source of revenue. We’re not taking full advantage of the flexibility in our power systems, says Ron Dizy, president and CEO of ENBALA. And wasted power is wasted money. Formerly called Sempa Power, the originally British Columbia-based company’s heritage started with hybrid heating, a system designed to allow commercial buildings [...]

SMART Watering Systems

SMART Watering Systems' simple solution makes a splash with building owners and operators. The concept is simple: synchronize and monitor irrigation systems to use water more responsibly. Yet somehow, it still manages to slip under the radar of most irrigation distributors. SMART Watering Systems’ founder, Chris Le Conte, explains that despite the logic, it’s still such a new idea that many people don’t even know that they don’t know about it. “Most property and operations managers don’t even realize that there are problems with their current [...]

Bob Dell

Bob Dell’s dedication to clean water is having a global impact. After a 30-year career as a water scientist at his own Dell Tech Laboratories, Bob Dell visited Uganda in 2004 with global charity Compassion Canada and saw firsthand the impact that waterborne illnesses were having on the nation. He realized the answer to this problem was potentially so simple that it had been hidden in plain sight for years. The biggest roadblock was a lack of education. Since then, he has dedicated himself to ensuring that children around the world are educated about [...]
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