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HOUSE - Skyscraper - Brownie Noms - 9/20/17 - 10/13/17
HOUSE - Skyscraper - Water
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The Fixed Network AMR system

In the City of Moncton, a new monitoring system has residents thinking differently about how they use water. Management consultant Peter Drucker said that if you can’t measure something, you can’t manage it. The City of Moncton could add a footnote to that widely traded aphorism, based on its experience implementing a fixed network AMR system. As they’ve learned, the more accurately you measure something, the easier it is to manage. But the decision to install a new system of measurement for water usage wasn’t inspired by any management theories [...]

Proficiency 3L Toilet

For the Proficiency 3L toilet, less really is more. It wasn’t long ago that the low-flow toilet was seen in the same skeptical light as the electric car—it was an environmentally friendly innovation that aspired to do more than it could actually achieve, requiring vast reserves of money and patience. But while an economically viable electric vehicle remains part of an as-yet unrealized future, the same can’t be said about the low-flow toilet. Meet the Proficiency Ultra High Efficiency Toilet, a three-litre (3L) low-flow model designed by Hennessy [...]

Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act

Does Ontario have what it takes to become a global leader in water technology? The world is about to find out. Hot on the heels of the lauded Green Energy Act, Ontario’s new Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act aims to secure a significant role for the province in the estimated US$400-billion global water industry. Why here, and why water? “We live in an increasingly thirsty world. There are billions of people who will need access to clean drinking water, and Ontario has a global reputation for providing it,” says Minister of Environment [...]
TRADE - Big Box - WEFTEC - 6/27/17 - 9/30/17

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