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HOUSE - Skyscraper - Brownie Noms - 9/20/17 - 10/13/17
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Education for Water Stewardship Program

Critical Thinking: A Manitoba school program encourages students to consider water in their daily lives. With hands-on, experiential learning, the Education for Water Stewardship Program has teachers inspiring their middle and high-school students to become more involved in water issues, both at home and around the world. Produced in partnership and with funding from Green Manitoba, Manitoba Water Stewardship and Learning for a Sustainable Future’s Project FLOW, the day-long workshop is delivered in schools by Green Manitoba staff and is free for teachers [...]

ROC Barrier

A Slick Idea: The ROC Barrier signals a cost-effective shift in the way oil spills are managed. Just as we start our conversation, Glenn Murray is called away from the phone. His courier has arrived. His company, Murrenhil Corporation, is shipping 8,000 feet of his oil collection system to California and 4,000 feet to Florida to his client, Disney Cruise Lines. “They saw it online,” Murray explains. “They’re giving it a go on two of their ships.” The product, a specialized laminate film called the ROC Barrier, uses a technology that has [...]

Snug Cove Wastewater Treatment Plant

Built to Scale: When the municipality of Bowen Island needed to expand its wastewater treatment plant, it turned to ECOfluid Systems—again. Bowen Island is almost too good to be true. Located just a short ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in west Vancouver, it’s a popular destination for visitors from the Lower Mainland taking a day trip, as well as those looking for a more permanent home away from home. That’s why the municipality’s Snug Cove Wastewater Treatment Plant started to get just a bit too snug a few years ago. In the summer of 2005, the [...]

The iDUS G-100

Irrigation 2.0: iDus Controls reveals irrigation’s second generation: farmer (and environment) friendly devices. According to the World Resources Institute, agricultural water use accounted for 12 per cent of total water consumption in Canada in 2000. Irrigation made up 85 per cent of that total. The Conference Board of Canada says that water use in agriculture is “particularly inefficient,” returning less than 30 per cent of water consumption. Therefore, agriculture represents the largest consumer of water in the country. The key is to be responsible [...]

Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets

Steady Streams: Over a decade in the works, ACWA is about to make pilot testing history. Just two weeks before his interview with Water Canada and over a decade after the project’s initial planning phase, Dr. Leland Jackson proudly observed the first running test stream of the Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets (ACWA) project. “We made a few adjustments, but what had been designed worked pretty well,” says the University of Calgary biology professor enthusiastically. Designed to mimic natural systems, 12 experimental streams built near Calgary’s [...]
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