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HOUSE - Skyscraper - Brownie Noms - 9/20/17 - 10/13/17
HOUSE - Skyscraper - Water
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New Monaco Enterprise Corporation

Sometimes it’s the simplest changes that matter the most. That’s what one residential developer is hoping, at least, when it comes to the Okanagan Valley and its increasingly stressed fresh water resources. The area’s tantalizing combination of hot summers and skiable winters is attracting thousands of new residents each year, and it’s expected that the region’s population will increase by 50 per cent over the next 20 years. If water usage patterns don’t change dramatically, Canada’s only semi-arid desert could very easily run completely dry. That’s [...]

Pure Technologies

It’s no secret that Canada’s water and wastewater utilities are facing severe challenges. From rising demand to leaking systems to constrained budgets, there is a growing need to better monitor and assess infrastructure and extend its useful life. Calgary-based Pure Technologies is part of the solution. Traditional pipe inspection usually requires large open cuts, but the company’s leak detection, condition assessment, and monitoring technologies are much less disruptive and can help avert catastrophic failures, service interruptions, and environmental [...]

Clearpath Robotics

When Clearpath Robotics was recognized as part of 2012’s Water’s Next, the company had begun to take the water industry by storm with its Kingfisher M100 unmanned surface vessel, designed to travel to areas that might be difficult or unsafe for humans to access. One year later, the Kitchener, Ontario-based company has put its grant from Ontario Centres of Excellence to good use, taking the Kingfisher to the next level. “The Kingfisher M200 launched in mid-2012, with very positive early traction,” says Clearpath’s CEO Matt Rendall. “We’ve [...]
AD - Big Box - Xylem - 5/19/17 - 6/30/17

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