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HOUSE - Skyscraper - Brownie Noms - 9/20/17 - 10/13/17
HOUSE - Skyscraper - Water
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Bob Sandford

Bob Sandford speaks with a clear, determined voice as he explains that he is grateful, surprised, and humbled by his Water’s Next recognition. Despite much of the Canadian water industry singing his praises, he is quick to pass the spotlight. “I am extremely fortunate to work with some of this country’s very best scientists and research networks,” Sandford says, “and I owe a great deal to EPCOR .” He begins to recite the names of the many individuals he’s worked with over the years, too many to list in this profile. In addition to sitting [...]

Jodi Glover

For Jodi Glover, the itch to innovate is not easily relieved. Making use of a small student grant to pursue a business opportunity, Glover launched her first business—a solar heating company—during the summer between her third and fourth year of university. While it may have been short-lived, the business gave her the taste of success. “It wasn’t a profitable venture, but I had a fantastic time,” she says. “It was an amazing learning experience.” After that summer experience, Glover switched her focus from accounting to entrepreneurship [...]

Adam Noble

When Water Canada spoke with Ontario high school student Adam Noble, he was one week from his first face-to-face meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The two were scheduled to chat about the potential applications of Noble’s research, which has been funded in part by NSERC—a possible first for a high-school student in Canada. “I want to thank him for the support the federal government has given me so far,” he says. But he also had a secret agenda—to convey the importance of funding primary research. “My research has an industrial [...]
TRADE - Big Box - WEFTEC - 6/27/17 - 9/30/17

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