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HOUSE - Skyscraper - Brownie Noms - 9/20/17 - 10/13/17
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Wastewater: PeCOD

Laboratory staff have long known the potential negative health impacts associated with chemical oxygen demand (COD) testing using the traditional dichromate method. Mantech’s new PeCOD technology not only eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals, but delivers results within 15 minutes, allowing industrial and municipal wastewater facilities to make immediate adjustments to their processes. “At Mantech, we’re always looking for ways to make things greener, safer, and faster without sacrificing accuracy or quality of results,” said Robert Menegotto [...]

Drinking Water: Pipe Wall Assessment Technology

Municipalities often find repair and preemptive maintenance to be one of the toughest aspects of asset management. There is a need for a screening tool that can evaluate the condition of lengthy metallic pipelines, said Reid McDougall, VP of Pure Technologies’ Canadian region. Typically, this has been a costly and labourious endeavour, leading many utility owners to forego thorough inspections of less critical watermains until they reach a state of significant damage. In response to this need, Pure developed pipe wall assessment (PWA) technology. “The [...]

Conveyance: Model Predictive Pressure Control

The drinking water industry relies on Standard Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control for conveyance, which has a limited ability to simultaneously control multivariable inputs and outputs. Due to this control approach, water pressure fluctuates during water pump starts and stops, which makes utility infrastructure vulnerable to damage, as significant variations in pressure can lead to watermain breaks. The Windsor Utilities Commission (WUC) set out to find a more efficient control methodology that could counteract these pressure deviations, reducing [...]

Water Resources: Electronic Reporting Tool

When water utilities and municipalities report to government regulatory agencies, it usually means long hours of paperwork. The WaterTrax electronic reporting tool automates this process. “WaterTrax allows the people who maintain water quality to put the data from their labs, hand-held instruments, SCADA system, or anywhere they’re collecting data from, into one place,” said Sheena Graham, WaterTrax marketing specialist. Configured with the specific requirements of the relevant jurisdiction, the system organizes the data and allows users to submit reports [...]

Government: Barry Orr

The local media in London, Ontario know him as the city’s “sewer czar”—and for good reason. Over the past 20 years, Barry Orr has dedicated his life to protecting sewer system infrastructure and the environment as a member of London’s Environmental and Engineering Services Division. While the murky world of toilets and sewer lines might not spark the imagination of most Canadians, Barry’s enthusiasm has seen his influence expand well beyond his own municipality, and today, he is regarded as an international authority on sewer system health. After [...]

Young Professional: Megan Kot

When it comes to knowing what’s going on with your water, Megan Kot is the woman with the Drinking Water Safety Plan (DWSP). The interdisciplinary PhD student has worked tirelessly to increase public awareness of where drinking water comes from and how it arrives at the tap, both through her academic work and her regular social media updates on water-related news. “Communities need water to survive, but everyone doesn’t always see it that way. Exploring that disconnect is really the crux of why I’m passionate about this area of the water world,” [...]

Academia: Madjid Mohseni

Small, rural, and First Nations communities face a litany of challenges when trying to provide adequate water services to their populations, as the majority of those engaged with the Canadian water sector understand. While the approximately 80 per cent of us who live in urban areas enjoy a relatively stress-free relationship with our water supply and treatment systems, economic, technological, and social factors make providing even basic services much more difficult for remote communities. Enter University of British Columbia professor, Madjid Mohseni [...]

Business: BLOOM Centre for Sustainability

Between struggling to make products with limited resources and making ends meet, small businesses don't often have time to think about the best ways to conserve water. But Kevin Jones and his team at BLOOM have stepped in to build a "connecting bridge" between innovative solutions and market demand for better water management practices. "Many small food and beverage companies realize they could be using water and other resource more efficiently, but they don't know where to start," said Jones, who serves as the company's president and CEO. "We provide [...]
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