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Welcome to Water's Next 2015

Water Canada is proud to relaunch our annual awards program celebrating Canadian water excellence. With two revamped categories and an all-new format, we expect that Water’s Next 2015 will be our best one yet. Our winners will now be selected from two overarching categories: People (Business, Government, Young Professionals, and Academia) and Technology (Conveyance, Drinking Water, Wastewater, and Water Resources).

At Water Canada, we know there will be no shortage of candidates. From coast to coast, our country has created and empowered a legion of thought leaders, developed innovative technologies and businesses, and provided unique solutions to meet local and global water challenges. For us, Water’s Next is our way of sharing and celebrating the stories of our country’s many water leaders and groundbreakers.

We look forward to celebrating Canada’s best and brightest in water with you, our loyal readers. We’ll be updating regularly so check back often for news on nominations and how you can get involved with Water’s Next.

All the best,

Rachel Phan
Editor, Water Canada

To read the complete profiles of Water’s Next 2013 winners, click on the photos.






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July/August 2014

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